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Pub tables sale. Folding laptop computer table

Pub Tables Sale

pub tables sale

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Paul: the number one yacht in The Yacht

Paul: the number one yacht in The Yacht

Edith's mum visited today and we went for dinner near Edith's work in Greenwich, at The Yacht pub, which has rather excellent table numbering items.

I also notice on the January Sale menu behind the salt and pepper that the only two meals you can read the full names of are the ones we had. I could pretend I carefully set the picture up to achieve that but I don't think I'd be fooling anyone.

For Sale Pub

For Sale Pub

the floor is covered with hay and discarded shells from the bowl of peanuts of each table. two hungarian (?) musicians were at the pub playing old american songs.

we discovered our love for soproni, a hungarian beer, here.

pub tables sale

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